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What is a fileset, how to install it? (NEW Standalone Micro SD Card Pack)

What is a fileset, how to install it? (NEW Standalone Micro SD Card Pack) Latest Filesets:

NameDateDownload Link Description
LTPlus 3.0b 16-Jan-2012DownloadLTPlus 3.0b CFW templates for Lizard TBX, Include 3.0 for Slim Liteon  (c4e release Jan 154 2012)
Originals5-Sep-2011DownloadOriginal fw templates for all drives.
Include support for latest 1071 slim.
SD File Pack 3.00b (HOT!)16-Jan-2012DownloadSD File pack for Standalone, includes LTPlus 3.0 for  Slim Liteon (c4e release Jan 16 2012)

*The date shown is the Fileset posted date not the Custom Firmware release date from official sources.


If you flashed a Slim Drive with Standalone Mode using the previous SD FILES PACK (2.00b) Don't Read back the Dummy.bin file from the flashed firmware.  Instead of it use the Original Dummy.bin file first read from the drive when it was on stock. 

The reason for this is we spotted a problem (thanks to kombatace for pointing) on the last SD FILES pack (2.00b) that will result in the flashed firmware not working.  This bug only affects Standalone flashes made to SLIM drives.  If you flashed your drives with TBX+Lizard then you dont have to worry at all.

In order to avoid this bug and stay safe do the following:
a) Download the last SD File pack (2.00c) from the Link above to your MicroSD card
b) Reflash your drive using the updated SD Files pack in standalone or with TBX+Lizard
c) Important, DONT READ AGAIN THE DUMMY TO A SLOT OR TO THE PC from the already LT 2.0 flashed drive.

Below is a picture for reference

What is a Fileset ?
So far you have learned to work with invidual custom firmware release files, that means download single files for every release (ixtreme, ixtreme lt, ltplus, ltplus 1.1, etc).  A fileset is a container of several single files, is nothing different as having all your custom firmware files just that having it in single-container file it allows better mantainance and update.

The filesets have extension .set and are detected by the Lizard Toolbox application natively.  This is a suggested standard, if by other hand you would like prefer have the files splitted you can do it with Lizard toolbox also.

How to Install the fileset to use it on Lizard Toolbox?
a) Click on the fileset you want to download (the table with the options should be accessible at the very top of this blog)
b) Follow download steps and save somewhere in your PC
c) Unzip the downloaded file inside the CFW_Templates folder located inside the Lizard Toolbox application folder. The results show looks like this:

Thats it, now when you open Lizard toolbox you should be able to see the downloaded templates on the Easy View tab of the CFW Generator pane

How to split the container to have individual files to work with (for the advanced tab of the Lizard Toolbox)?
If you need the individual files for work on the Avanced tab you can extract them from the fileset very easily. Just go to to Lizard Toolbox on the CFW Generator Pane and then under Easy View tab.

Once there just select the fileset template from the list (if none appear then you must go back to read this article to learn how to download and install them first).  Once you have it selected, just click on the "Split" link and will ask you where to extract the contents. We recommend you create a subfolder called "fw" under Lizard Toolbox folder so you have a more organized way of work.

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